Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Theory of Evolution is True!!!

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Darwins Theory of the Evolution of man has been a debate for centuries, Usually the church argues this scientific theory for the reason that the church beleives in the creation of man. The church beleived that man came from dust and was created by the one true god. Darwins theory is a complete alteration of this theory for it states that(according to darwins theory) that man came from a very simple organism and then it continues to evolve until it became a true human form.

Darwin's explanation is proven to be true for a particular evidence which roam in the streets of America. Youve heared it right, darwins theory is correct for this particular creature has not yet evolved into a human form. Take a closer look and its up to you to decide.

One hell of a mysterious creature, This photo was taken in an unknown rural place.


Pinoy blog said...

WOW! Nature at its best!

Marie said...

Oh wow, one of a kind. ehehe.

Marie said...

Hi. Is it you who left me a message on Jaxtr? Coz i didnt see your name eh hehe. Assume lng ko ah ehehe

Natsie said...

hehehe.. kewl! :)

Anonymous said...

Poootaaaahhhh! Idol! kagwapa cmu! Linte!


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