Thursday, April 3, 2008

Update on The Crook?(That Stole My Friends Bike)

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I once posted a topic about the bike that was stolen from me. The persons who are involved in this sick and poverty stricken doings are now gone. Remember the last post that I stated that they have a small time business fruit stand in front of SM Delgado Iloilo City Philippines?, it was now deserted and nothing of them can be seen in that area. I don't know where they went or who's bike is next in line. But I do Heared of rumors that the husband of April Jane Aligarbis( the one that is caught in the act riding the bike that was stolen from me) has a hustle on police due to drug involvement.Hiding from the hand of justice maybe is the right act for them, I dont know if this rumors are true, But Thank God the bike is back and April Jane and her husband may live happily ever SNATCHER.


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