Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Diablo 3 New Characters and Cinematic Trailers

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Diablo 3 New Characters and Cinematic Trailers . Diablo 3 has been the story of the gaming world today. Millions of Diablo fans had been craving for this game in the coming days. The recent Diablo had been a smashing hit throughout diablo enthusiasts. Diablo 1 has been a startling and mind buggling game that blizzard had produced, gamers are longing for a second round..As Diablo 2 went out, it sold millions of dolllars worldwide, and the game that everyone loved is bringing on on the 3rd round.

This year blizzard started making the most awaited game that blizzard gamers are always waiting of, Diablo 3. Diablo 3 sets when Deckard Cane went to the Cathedrals of Tristam To find new solutions to defeat new evils. A Harbinger from the sky falls to the ground where Diablo Has once awakened. As the fiery ball hits the ground, ancient evils reawaken and the Heroes are again summoned to defend the world from the forces of the unholy.

Diablo 3 has been a stirred with some new heroes and enemies that would surely take you unto another twist. First things first, The heroes....

Diablo 3 New Characters and Teaser Trailers:

The Barbarian, According to the Abd al-Hazir writings, the Barbarian is a powerful and and relentless machines swore to protect the holy Mount Arreat. Diablo 3 is still adding a brute force to Smash demonic enteties that will later dwell the game.

The Barbarian has some new and older skills ready at your disposal, the cleave, ground stomp, leap, seismic slam, and the classic whirlwind.

The Witch Doctor

According to Abd al-Hazir, The Witch Doctor is a legend from the Umbaru Race..But through his travels in the deep and dense Torajan Jungles he had met one in and witnessed how it battled.
According to Abd al-Hazir, the witch doctor destroys its enemy with precise and powerful spells and also other deep spells such as summoning creatures from the underworld to devour the victim.

The Witch Doctor has some skills that is likely that of the Druid from the previous Diablo, It can summon pets, do Horrify, locust swarm, Mass Confusion, and Soul Harvest.

Other than the Heroes there are new character foes to face.

The Dune Threshers- They are Locales of the Dessert, fiery monsters that burrow below the sand stalking for prey to satisfy the cravings. These monsters, as stated by the articles of Abd al-Hazir these Dune Threshers, when they get old, they go near to the human dwellings to feed on animals and humans. (new)

The Cultists - Restless DemonicFanatics who were built to summon and worship the dark side. Adds flavor to the game , a synonym of the shamman from Diablo 2.

The Gnarled Walkers - Tree walkers who are not there to protect the forest but are built to do pestering on the characters.

The Khazra - Goatlike creature...

The Undead - Classic Skeletal Warrior which resembles the Diablo legacy.

Ill keep on tracking of the Diablo 3 New Characters and Cinematic Trailers on my next posts...


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