Thursday, September 11, 2008

Free Health Cards

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Well nowadays, the primary concern of most people is there health, with thousands of pollutants out there that we eat, inhale, and touch, we might not be able to make it up to 70 years old. Yes!, this is true.

That is why advances in medicine are very important in bridging our lifespan. with different services in medical fields, we can say that medicine had already had a big leap in this millenia. But depending on the condition you have, and the medicine appropriate to your condition varies in their amount. I mean, not the quantity of the cure itself, but the price that you can afford. Different sickness have different kinds of cure and with different price.

That is why there are lots of medical services such as hospitals( mostly public) who offer discounts in their health services, there are others that offer discounts for senior citizens, Free Health Cards, and other medical services that are sometimes free.

Though cure is good for someone who is sick, but prevention is always the best!


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