Saturday, October 11, 2008

Electrolux Cupcake

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Electrolux is breaking grounds this Valentine’s Day - in a virtual oven that is. The brand is using their account application in Facebook to which will create a lot of talk and do something good in return.

The Electrolux Cupcake Maker offers great ways for a Facebook users to digitally bake their cakes and post them to their own profile or send to friends. Another good thing is, Electrolux will donate $1 to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund for every cupcake sent - the estimated sum is $30,000 the $500,000 electrolux pledged the Fund.

Features are, by selecting your frosting type,topping, tin color, candle options, and adding a message. The end results are a unique style that will be an alternative to valentines card and also a donor for the charity.

The wise move requires Facebook users to add the option or applications before creating their very own cupcakes, which is a big hit for the company if hundreds of thousands or even millions of Facebook users try to add to their app and send cupcakes to love ones, friends, or even a family.

Enjoy Valentines and love the idea!


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