Monday, September 22, 2008

Funny Scary Emails to Forward

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Have you ever been on a prank spree?. Have you received any emails yet about funny and scary pranks. Well as email ad is a part of the internet community, it would be a way to send tons and tons of email to a friend with a touch of fun in it.

I love sending funny topics, stories and even pictures to my friends. You could just imagine the look in their faces if they see the crazy stuff you sent. As halloween approaches, it would be a perfect time to send Funny Scary Emails to Forward.

Usually their response to me is, "thats stupid man", or "It was freaking", or anything you will expect to a person which you played a prank on him. There was an incident in my work wherein my co worker sent a link to another fellow worker wherein the link is something like a game or a story which is quite interesting, about a few seconds past a scary face appeared with a scream. The prank scared the crap out of him. Imagine it was silent then suddenly he shouted with a voice too deep scared and surprised. Even I was also a victim of this sick jokes, hahaha.

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