Thursday, October 30, 2008

Healing Gems

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Healing Gems are popular nowadays . Superstition Surround Gems. As late as the 18th century many people used powdered gems to prevent or cure disease. They thought Sapphire would releive insanity, powdered jet would kill toothache, and Topaz ease Asthma. Even today Some superstitios people wear amber beads to cure goiter; others fear that Opal bring bad luck.

The fact is, Most gem stones are hard minerals. Their colors range from the colorless Transparency of diamonds to pure black. Some are mottled or banded. Others reflect lightwaves in sparkling brilliance.

Gem Minerals are usually crystal. Mineral Crystals vary in size from huge blocks weighing many tones to tiny specks that could be seen only under a microscope. Rock crystal , a common gem material , is found in chunks large enough to be carve into massive vases and plates. The crystals of Chalcedony are so tiny that it was long thought that this gem was non crystalline. Minerals such as chalcedony are called cryptocrystalline. A very few gem materials, including opal and turquoise , seem to be amorphous....more on Handmade Jewelry


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