Friday, October 17, 2008

New Cancer Drugs

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Every year, people die of cancer. As this disease is so potent to all human population, there are new steps and studies that determine and produce certain New Cancer Drugs.

The drugs produced are commonly biologics, meaning, they are created from living organisms such as vaccines and other proteins. The FDA makes certain specifics in order for the approval of certain cures or drugs for this. They practice certain clinical trials for better outcomes in the process. The second step is to make sure and swiftly possible to administer this New Cancer Drugs to patients with who is need this drugs.

below are certain drugs that and biologics which is somewhat essential to cancer

Abarelix - a treatment for men with prostate cancer

Aldesleukin - treatment for metastatic melanoma

Alemtuzumab - A treatment for B - cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia

Altretamine - treatment for persistent ovarian cancer

Amifostine - reduction of platinum toxicity in lung cancer

Note: this is not a complete list, for other info and probablyt complete one visit the National Institute of Cancer's Drug Information Summaries.

These are just examples of drugs which somehow cures and probably a treatment for side effects of previous drugs administered to combat the cancer itself.


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