Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Where Can I Get Free Toys for Christmas

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Most kids this Christmas is longing for their dream toys. Some parents are also finding ways to give their children toys which is not that expensive. Other parents are also longing for free toys for their children. Parents who have no budget to buy toys for their kids. I knew 1 parent who is not actually giving her child a free toy but a toy which is a little better than a free one but has quality of a cheap plastic toy which is built for 1 day, very funny as I thought of it. I found it wise in the sense that her child is still young and cannot appreciate quality toys, but the purpose of giving some rewards to your child in the form of a toy which is cheap is I think not idealistic and not good. I think People with this behavior tend to love their mnoney compare to their kid's joy? dont you think?....Where Can I Get Free Toys for Christmas


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