Sunday, March 15, 2009

Where to Watch UFC 106 Live Ortiz Vs Griffin

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Tito Ortiz and Forrest Griffin ,on UFC 106, will again set the octagon on chaos as they will meet again since their legendary 2006 battle. With Lesnar's condition in bad shape, this two legendary UFC warriors will meet in the octagon this November 21, 2009. The most common question is where to watch this live? well you can watch it in

Yahoo Sports Live, most parts of yahoo sports in the world show this live,, available in smooth HD

Purchase the Ultimate Fighting Championship live streaming application in the iTunes store.

Comcast, Payperview events could be viewed in comcast

DIRECTV, UFC Pay-per-view events are available for viewing through DirecTV. Available in HD.

dish Network, UFC LIVE Pay-Per-view events are available for streaming through Dish Network. Also available in High Definition.

Time Warner Cable

UFC Pay-per-view events broadcast in the USA are available for viewing through Cox.

There are dozens of cable channels where you could watch it live depending on the service you could pay it online or through a local cable network or you could try streaming through your tv other available networks which shows it live for free.


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