Thursday, July 8, 2010


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Do you Watch FoxNewsChannel LIVE STREAMING ONLINE?
Are you one particular of the a lot of viewers of the amount a single Fox News Channel, which boasts to be the leader in network news? Your ideal source for fair and balanced coverage with a lot of celebrity news commentators weaving the stories with flashy five-7 segments of mankind's greatest controversies of our time? Do you watch "The Factor" series and the "No Spin" zone wherever they spin everything but the cameras and cut off just about every guest mid sentence? Is there not a a lot more entertaining shouting match on your tv these days?

Do you always Watch FoxNewsChannel LIVE STREAMING ONLINE?
Who can beat the display? Flashing lights and superior graphics than the pre-presentation at most film theatres and if it had been a flash presentation on the Web it surely would win awards. You gotta enjoy the Fox News Channel for its biting commentary and sitcom style debates. But is that actually news? That is to say does any person truly learn anything? No guest has ever left the display giving up all the pertinent information on any issue? Is that fair or balanced? Is it fair for all concerned? Is there a way we can maintain the amazing entertainment value but still get some reality-primarily based news without the skew?

Do you always Watch FoxNewsChannel LIVE STREAMING ONLINE?


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