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So You Think You Can Dance Winner

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So You Think You Can Dance Winner

Three Contemporary dancers and a B-Boy walk onto a stage . . . they've come from all about the globe and have made it to the Leading four. There's the delicate-spoken Marko the enjoyable-loving B-Boy, Tadd Melanie, who has nevertheless to miss a stage and the "Warrior Princess," Sasha. They've endured three months of competition and eliminations just to get to this minute. Tonight is their time to celebrate how far they've arrive, and it is really our night time to celebrate the Year or so eight finale of "So You Feel You Can Dance"!

The Top rated 4 walked onstage in which they welcomed host Cat Deeley. Cat explained that tonight the rivals would every single dance 5 amounts: a single with an All-Star, 1 solo, and 3 routines with 1 another. She also reminded us what's at stake in the levels of competition: America's top rated dancer will not only win a quarter of a million dollars but will also grace the cover of Dance Spirit magazine, and he or she will be the new star of Gatorade's G-In shape marketing campaign. Then Cat introduced the finale's judging panel: director Kenny Ortega, actress and buddy of the demonstrate Katie Holmes, in addition typical judges Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe.

Very first up ended up Melanie and Marko, reuniting for a lightning-fast Doriana Sanchez Disco dance. Sanchez explained that she'd packed a great deal of lifts into the regime to make it the greatest Disco ever before. The few done to "I Feel Really like," by Donna Summer months.

Kenny praised Doriana for trying to keep Disco alive and called the number entertaining, sizzling, and electrical. Katie observed that the couple is powerful and beautiful and viewing them helps make her want to dance. Mary said that she adores Disco, adores Doriana Sanchez, and adores the pair of dancers. She did critique them nonetheless, stating that they danced in and out of the style throughout the routine's lifts. Nigel agreed with Mary but praised Marko's power even though lifting Melanie straight-armed, and he stated he hoped that each of them would get superior all through the evening.

Sasha's 1st efficiency was a Sonya Tayeh number that the choreographer described as an ode to the "Warrior Princess," showcasing her journey and strength. Sasha danced the routine with Time four All-Star Mark Kanemura to "Boost Your Weapon," by Deadmau5.

Katie termed the amount highly effective and explained that the dance was "totally Sasha"&sbquo"strength and elegance and power"&sbquo and she called Sonya a great choreographer. Mary commenced by stating how wonderful each dancers looked, and then she noted how far Sasha has grown and how everything she has discovered this year will help her all through her profession. Nigel claimed that they've known as her a warrior considering that the start of the time, and she's been fighting her way by means of all the way to conclude. He also joked that she just beat up Woman Gaga's principal dancer. Nigel said that she just threw the gauntlet down to the other 3 dancers. Kenny termed Sasha what every person presently knows she is: a dance warrior princess.

Next, Tadd teamed up with Period 4 champion Joshua Allen for a regimen from the King of Krump and all issues buck, Lil' C, who promised that the amount would hit tough and would be total of swag. The pair danced to "Hustle Tough," by Ace Hood.

Mary explained that Tadd's most difficult challenge in this dance was his innate sweetie-pie element that he had to hide through the functionality, which he did. Nigel stated that Lil' C delivered "a magic of a majestic magnitude," and he stated that the variety was "down and dirty on the knees." Nigel added that the amount wasn't as sturdy as he would've liked, nonetheless. Kenny praised the All-Stars for helping to elevate the contestants. Katie claimed the regime highlighted how rapid a dancer Tadd is.

Next up was Melanie and Year 7's Robert Roldan in a Stacey Tookey Up to date regime. The choreographer needed Melanie to pull viewers into her feelings with this dance, which was set to "Sacrifice," by Sinead O'Connor.

Nigel claimed Sasha might have thrown down the gauntlet, but Melanie picked it up and slapped her with it&sbquo problem accepted. Kenny claimed that he would combat to get to the front of the line to function with Melanie he brought up that he's remaking "Dirty Dancing," and Cat may possibly have persuaded him to cast Melanie. Katie mentioned that whenever Melanie dances, she feels her feelings in her belly. Mary joked that Melanie must've felt like Yogi Bear with a picnic basket when she drew her own model, Robert as a partner, and Stacey as a choreographer. Mary stated she felt privileged to watch Melanie's journey this year.

Soon after that, Sasha and Marko danced a Spencer Liff Broadway schedule, in which Marko played a waiter and Sasha was a lonely diner who desires a tiny "some-something" that is not on the menu. "Whatever Lola Wishes," by Ella Fitzgerald, was the soundtrack for this program.

Kenny explained the number was fantastic fun and praised Marko's transformation from primary gentleman to character actor and Sasha's alter from warrior princess to sophisticate, who leaves everything on the phase and is invested right after each and every overall performance. Katie admired Sasha's power and compared her to Cyd Charisse. Mary said it could be harmful to consider and pull off comedy with dancing, but she imagined that they did a good occupation of executing it. Nigel rained on their parade and explained he needed to see significantly more robust characters out of a Broadway variety.

Cat interviewed Melanie about her favourite second of the display: when she performed her death-defying leap into Neil's arms. Her very best friend all the way through the competition was Ricky, but out of the performers even now on the show, she is closest with Marko. Melanie also accused Marko of staying the one to kiss her throughout 1 their memorable numbers. In purchase to make a character convincing, you have to pull from experiences you have had, and she is in a position to do that throughout her numbers. She danced her solo to "Song for Viola," by Peter Bradley Adams.

Cat's job interview with Marko was subsequent. She congratulated him on reaching the finale. He said he couldn't feel he's on the demonstrate, and he talked about how, simply because he's from Guam, he'd had to view the show on the net. He stated that profitable the competition would imply anything to him. "The Concern You Will not Fall," by Joshua Radin, played as Marko carried out his solo. His mother and father had been in attendance, standing up and cheering for their son. Marko said that it is an added raise for him getting his household existing for the finale.

Sasha and Tadd then danced a Mark Ballas Cha-Cha. Ballas claimed he hoped that the number would be fast, attractive, and tricky-hitting. The few performed the program to "Raindrops," by Basement Jaxx.

Katie thanked both dancers for the satisfaction it is really been to view them all year. Mary agreed but also said that this variety did not operate and the dancers' chemistry wasn't there. She assumed the two struggled, and she mentioned that she was delighted there have been much more numbers from them throughout the night. Nigel agreed with Mary and spoke of how difficult it is to pull off this kind of stylized regimen when the two dancers are out of their aspects. Kenny mentioned that the variety may have been too ambitious for the night and suggested the pair to shake off this overall performance and arrive back again more powerful.

Marko teamed up with Year seven champ Lauren Froderman for a Tessandra Chavez Modern range, which promised to be emotionally and physically difficult. "Shirk," by Me'shell Ndegeocello, played during the schedule, which took an emotional toll on Lauren, who tearfully left the stage when it ended.

Mary also fought back tears as she praised Marko's potential to thrust greatness into each and every dance she mentioned that she loved how his each and every regime showcases the second possibility he's been provided in living. Nigel explained that he's been a small disappointed by the figures tonight, but with this routine, Marko just gave the finale an awesome effectiveness. Kenny remarked about the gift that Tessandra's choreography was for Marko, including that wherever Marko is in his head appropriate now, he should continue to be there because it is functioning. Katie said she was so grateful that she got to see this range live and that his folks received to see it in-person as effectively.

Cat interviewed Tadd and spoke about his journey on the exhibit. Tadd claimed that he thinks The united states has related most with his solos and that's when he displays who he is. He explained his preferred amount of the period was Travis Wall's "Vulture Dance" with Jordan. Cat and Tadd joked about the on the net enthusiast club, "Remember to Retain Your Shirt Off, Tadd." He then praised his parents' function ethic and mentioned he wouldn't be here if not for them. Tadd's strange alternative of solo music ongoing as he danced to "Mamma Is aware Best," by Jessie J.

Speaking of enthusiasts seeking to see Tadd topless, they also received to see him in only his boxers, as he and Melanie teamed up for a Ray Leeper regimen about a female catching her boyfriend cheating. "Show Me What You're Performing With," by Sista Monica, played as Melanie whooped her cheating dog of a boyfriend.

Nigel claimed he just woke up with that fantastic functionality and praised each dancers for possessing characters in advance of they even started off dancing. Kenny said that Melanie had him hooked in advance of she even began, and he considered Tadd redeemed himself with his performance. Katie stated it was enjoyable to observe a thing so new and different. She admired how everything in the dance effectively led up to the finish when Melanie rips Tadd's pants off. Mary claimed that they introduced attractive back again and cherished the number she mentioned that redemption is finest medicine. She also praised Melanie for her strut across the stage.

Cat interviewed Sasha upcoming. Sasha claimed she cherished that she started this journey with her sister. Her favourite instant was when Woman Gaga threw her giant shoe at her, and her popular effectiveness was with All-Star tWitch. She explained why the routine with Kent was so emotional for her: mainly because she had to go to a dim position and she had put her journey into that dance. It meant a ton to her to make folks cry with her dancing. Sasha then danced her solo to "Be Be Your Enjoy," by Rachael Yamagata.

The "beastly" women took to the phase subsequent. Sasha and Melanie collaborated with Stacey Tookey for a number about a pair of oppressed 1950s housewives. "Heart Asks Satisfaction First," by the Ahn Trio, assisted the dancers "break free."

Kenny thought Stacey cherished generating this program with two "actresses" who can also dance. He mentioned he desired to attain in and break them cost-free, adding that it was a lovely piece, beautifully executed. Katie stated she loves to see these two jointly and cherished the quantity and their outfits. Mary also thought it is usually gorgeous to observe them dance with each other, and she explained that no matter who wins, both dancers are really significantly cherished. Nigel said that in advance of the program Sasha and Melanie had embraced and wished every single other luck, and he is proud of the camaraderie amongst the dancers this period. He also imagined possibly of the ladies could, ought to, and would grace any business with her presence.

The evening closed with a distinctive gun-boot Stage routine, featuring Marko and Tadd. The dance was choreographed by Chuck Maldonado, who explained that the model originates from South Africa. The boys did battle to the apropos sounds of "B.O.B." by OutKast.

Katie explained that she loved anything the boys did all season lengthy and she admired how they gave it their all tonight. Mary added that the dancers looked like they were mining for gold and they identified it. She thought that they ended up wonderful. Nigel remarked how fantastic a journey it has been all season. He assumed that correct from the beginning a woman would win the levels of competition, and in spite of the guys' very best efforts, he however thinks that a woman will win. Kenny praised all 4 dancers for their efforts.

Are you as out of breath watching the Prime 4 dance a whopping 5 routines each as the dancers possibly are from performing them?! Who's going to win the title of "America's Favorite Dancer"?

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