Thursday, October 4, 2007

There is no Such Thing as a Tough Security Guard When it Comes to a Swift Snatcher

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There was an incident last time when I bought some booze on a particular pharmacy in our town. My friend lend me his bike, not just some cheap mountain bike but a bike worth not less than 1000 dollars. I made deal with the guard to watch over the bike and so he did, because it is part of his work on watching and keeping the pharmacy and as well as the pharmacy's customer in good hands. I placed the bike on the gutter, thinking that it is safe with the ALMIGHTY GUARD watching over the bike, I went inside the pharmacy. I bought some brandy and smoke, but due to plenty of customers rushing in that hour(12:30 am) I waited for my turn. I never missed on looking over the bike even though the bike is being watched by the "WITTED" guard. I then looked again at the bike, but then I saw that the guard placed the bike below the gutter without my consent( in that angle, the bike is prone to thieves and snatchers). I never mind the guard's actions, thinking that it is still safe in the hands of the guard. After that, the guard went inside the pharmacy still looking at the bike, after a few minutes of looking over the bike, the guard picked up a box and put it in the inner part of the pharmacy. Naturally, his attention is not on the bike anymore. Having found out that the guards attention is not on the bike, I took a peep on the bike. The bike is still on the ground and unmoved. After that I payed attention on the counter and after 5 seconds of sight on the bike I looked again and saw that the bike wasnt there anymore. The guard is still picking up the boxes of not known reasons why he did that. I rushed out of the store and found out that the bike was gone and never could be found.
There are a lot of good and well deserving security guards, but the biggest lesson is never trust your belongings to a SECURITY GUARD!...........and never borrow a bike worth more than a thousand bucks!!!


Shannon said...

Good thing i have my own bike. LOL! Btw, did you pay for that lost bike?

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