Thursday, October 4, 2007

Your in Good Hands with mr. GUARD

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To our beloved security guard, eventhough his work is boring he is trying his best to keep the company safe. He is well equiped with a revolver pistol to keep the criminals away..Swabe! keep up the good work and god bless!, to all evil doers out there watch out, cause he's gonna hunt you down!, boooooooooooom!


balay ni libay said...

manong deserves free pang-os tubo sessions. he is selfless in giving me praises like "nami imo outfit pangmodel"

i think he watches FTV. i am proud of him =)

natsie said...

Hunt? Whoa!!! I'm afraid. haha!

Kidding aside, it's hard just to stand and make everyone else secure. 'So why don't check what you guys are doing, too', he says.

walmart homepage said...

ang gwapo!

xMoDx said...

eheheheh baskug gid d ya gani amun may folding bed kag may radyo habang ga huragok :P

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