Tuesday, January 8, 2008

April Jane Aligarbis and Her Husband Was A Complete Snatcher

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I had made a post about the mountain bike that I lost way back in September 23. With the all good grace that was bestowed by luck, we are so fortunate that we recovered the bike.
It was November 28 when I went home, I was too tired and wanted to rest. I met my friend and her face was too excited when she saw me. She told me that the bike that I lost was found in LaPaz Iloilo City, in the Philippines (specifically in an alley named McArthur, Lapaz). There are too many boneheads in that place( I am not referring to everyone, but to some thugs with no future that all they have to do is do crack, drink, and trip whoever passes their alley and whomever they wish to trip). When I got to the police station I was surprised to see that the one riding the bike was a female named APRIL from Macarthur Lapaz(I dont know her family name but I only knew her by that name), her distinctive feature that would easily identify her was a large mole beside her nose. She was interviewed by the police officer, took her name, and questioned her why the bike was in her possesion. Blood started to flow in my head when she answered the officer that the bike was sold to them by an unknown man and she even dont know the name of that man. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat! She then stated that they bought the bike for 15 thousand pesos and they still have debt on that man, she even told the officer that she didnt even know the name of the person who sold them the bike. Imagine that someone offers you a 15 thousand pesos worth of bike, will you buy it from a complete stranger?. How very dumb!. She also stated that she is married and she is 17 years old. There is also a very mind bugling thing, they bought the bike for 15,000 pesos, but could you imagine where do they get theyre money?, knowing that they only have a small time fruit business?


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