Thursday, December 13, 2007

U Wash Laundry System( With No Water Supply)

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It was sunday night when my friends and I decided to do our laundry in the new establishment located in Tabok Suba Jaro, Iloilo City in the Philippines named U wash Laundry. The said establishment claims that they are the pioneer of a self service laundry in Iloilo. Due to their ads and self appraisals we decided to test our luck in this establishment.
I went inside the establishment and asked about their policy in laundrying. The dumb witted girl confronted me and after a few minutes of chatting I have decided to try their laudrying services. So me and my friends decided to buy powdered soap to do the work. Their price range from 50( more than a dollar, 1 dollar = 42 pesos)) pesos to and above, 7 kilos of used clothes equals to 50 pesos. If you decide to dry your clothes you will also add an amount of 70 pesos ( more than a dollar , 1 dollar=42 pesos). So all is set . At the time when we decided to wash our laundry, the dumb witted girl declared that there is no water any more. What!!!!!!!!, a Laundry business that has a depleted water supply! wahahahahhahahahahahahaha! Only in the Philippines Brother!


shurikenstuff said...

tell me about it, haha, should try the "real" things in the laundry business, try mr. labada, tested and proven laundry genius

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