Monday, March 17, 2008

Best Summer Destination (El Nido Palawan)

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When we feel the hot wind and scorching sun after the cold months of February we know that it is summer. Usually lots of people look for places to quench their body on the painful rays of the summer sun. And where can you find that relaxing ambiance?, well the beach of course. A well known place for family and peers to enjoy and detoxify.

The Philippines provide abundant beaches, white sand coves, and lush flora and fauna. Boracay is one of the most popular tourist destination, but there are plenty of places to hook up and enjoy. One of these places is the El Nido in Palawan.

El Nido is a municipality and marine reserve park in Palawan, Philippines. . It is part of the Eurasian Plate, a plate which is entirely separated from the Philippine plate.

Bacuit Bay

Palawan is an interesting place, one of them is the Bacuit Bay. The bay has many islands and islets, most are inhabited. Its clear blue waters are rich in marine life. It is home to dugongs, turtles, rays, species of fishes and coral reefs. There are more than 30 dive sites ranging in depth from six to more than thirty meters.

Miniloc Island

It is where the first resort in El Nido, It is a diving station for Japanese and European tourists. It is a great place for snorkeling, scuba diving and kayaking and other beach activities. Its Big and Small Lagoonsprovides a abundance of marine life in its orchid-lined walls(below).

Lagen Island

The luxurious resort in the area is situated in its cove, which is fringed by a thick forest and limestone walls. Its Leta-Leta Cave was a burial site of the Late Neolithic Age where a collection of stone and shell artifacts, and pottery and nephrite adzes and weapons of primitive man were uncovered. Other materials include stone ornaments and shell beads.

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