Sunday, November 16, 2008

Best Places To Travel - Nature in The Philippines

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A nice and relaxing way to spend a vacation is to travel. It depends on a person's trip on what he or she will do on his free time. But for me, I love to travel, it gives you that unexplained feeling of freedom and also an opportunity to experience an alternate or different culture. There are lots of places wherein you could spend your vacation which is very worth.In the Philippines Beaches and resorts are always present in places where you could spend your vacation. Below are the places in which will pass your standards on travel exclusively in the Philippines.

El Nido Palawan

A protected area and sanctuary with lots of beatiful beaches and rich historical culture, El Nido is located in Palawan. Plenty of wildlife and other marine reserves are available in this area and other diving spots. Coming in this place will give you a different sense of relaxation, as there are plenty of resorts also available which gives you high quality service. Best Summer Destination(El Nido Palawan)

The Majestic Mount Kanlaon

A haven for mountain climbers who wanted to experience another chill in hiking, Mount Kanlaon is Located in Negros Oriental, somewhat boundary of Negros Occidental and Oriental, in Visayas Philippines. Mount Kanlaon was said to be extinct but it erupted I think in 1991, I was in Bacolod City when the Volcano erupted, the climate change and I think it rained for a week or so. Mount Kanlaon is now considered to be an active volcano, but although with its Mighty power, Mount Kanlaon Houses some exotic species in its vast rainforest. The second deadliest snake in the world which I think was featured in National Geographic Channel, the Philippine Pit Viper can also be found here.

Other species of monkeys and birds,

orchids and other plants can also be found here. In the foot of Mount Kanlaon Hot Springs are abundant, In Murcia Negros Occidental can be found a well known resort, Mambukal resort, Its a haven of tourists who wanted to have a light hiking in falls within the range of Mount Kanlaon itself.

Boracay Island

If your planning to relax and dip into the cool beaches, Aklan province in the Philippines offers a relaxing beach heads in the shores of Boracay Island, 3 hour trip from Iloilo City to Aklan takes you to an enticing and paradise like beach of Boracay. With the gleaming white sand and clear waters. Boracay Island might be your next destination.

Boracay Also had many diving and snorkeling spots.


A secluded and private Island wherein you could do all your stuff and party all night without the hustle of downtown life. The island has also recreations with high tech air-conditioned
lodging and other facilities. The Island has been awarded by the Gallivanters Awards in 2007 as the best resort in Southeast Asia.

This are only Some Best Places the Philippines could offer. Hundreds of tourist spots are all around the country, So Why dont you book your flight to this lovely places and try to check them out...Best Places To Travel

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grace said...

whoa. is that a blue snake there?

Ann @ Weather Philippines said...

Wow! Philippines really has a lot of tourist attractions. A great place you should visit. Thanks for sharing those photos.

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